World of Solitaire has many game "Variants" such as Klondike (Turn One) and Spider (1 Suit).

These variants are usually in parenthesis following the game name. However some variants don't follow this rule such as Crescent Relaxed and Pyramid Easy.

In order to be consistent, several games have been renamed:
Old Name New Name
Aces Up Relaxed=>Aces Up (Relaxed)
Algerian Patience Relaxed=>Algerian Patience (Relaxed)
Australian Patience Easy=>Australian Patience (Easy)
Canfield Relaxed=>Canfield (Relaxed)
Canfield Relaxed (Turn One)=>Canfield (Relaxed) (Turn One)
Crescent Relaxed=>Crescent (Relaxed)
Eight Off Relaxed=>Eight Off (Relaxed)
Golf Relaxed=>Golf (Relaxed)
Golf Strict=>Golf (Strict)
Josephine Relaxed=>Josephine (Relaxed)
Montana Relaxed=>Montana (Relaxed)
Pyramid Easy=>Pyramid (Easy)
Pyramid Relaxed=>Pyramid (Relaxed)
Pyramid Relaxed Easy=>Pyramid (Relaxed) (Easy)
Scorpion Easy=>Scorpion (Easy)
Scorpion Relaxed=>Scorpion (Relaxed)
Tri Peaks Strict=>Tri Peaks (Strict)
Tri Peaks Strict (Hidden)=>Tri Peaks (Strict) (Hidden)

Going forward any new "Variants" will always be in parenthesis. This should make finding variants in the game list easier.

Double & Triple

Some games have 2-deck and 3-deck variants, such as Double Easthaven and Triple Klondike.

Because these names start with Double or Triple instead of Klondike or Easthaven it was tricky for new players to realize these variants were available.

Thus to be consistent and make finding them easier, these games have been renamed:
Old Name New Name
Double Easthaven=>Easthaven (Double)
Double Easthaven (Kings Only)=>Easthaven (Double) (Kings Only)
Double Klondike (Turn One)=>Klondike (Double) (Turn One)
Double Klondike (Turn Three)=>Klondike (Double) (Turn Three)
Triple Easthaven=>Easthaven (Triple)
Triple Easthaven (Kings Only)=>Easthaven (Triple) (Kings Only)
Triple Klondike (Turn One)=>Klondike (Triple) (Turn One)
Triple Klondike (Turn Three)=>Klondike (Triple) (Turn Three)

For those that love playing the Double or Triple variants this change may take a little time to get used to, but I believe this a good change going forward as when I add new 2-deck and 3-deck variants for different games in the future I won't have to start their names with Double or Triple.

New Games

Since my last blog post in January, I've added 11 new games:
  • Feb: Beleaguered Castle
  • Feb: Citadel
  • Feb: Streets and Alleys
  • Feb: Canfield (Turn One)
  • Feb: Canfield (Relaxed)
  • Feb: Josephine (Relaxed)
  • Mar: Algerian Patience
  • Mar: Algerian Patience (Relaxed)
  • May: Canfield (Relaxed) (Turn One)
  • May: Seahaven Towers (Relaxed)
  • May: Crazy Quilt
All those games were requested by players and I have many more requested games to add!

I hope you all are enjoying the website and I hope you all continue to have fun playing!