*UPDATE - Sat Sep 22nd*
Part 1 of the server move is complete. The database is now running on a different more powerful server and the statistics should be a bit quicker now.
Part 2 will take place silently in the background over the next few days the web server moves to the new box. After that is complete things should be much faster :)

So over the past few weeks I've watched the World of Solitaire become more and more popular as more and more players visit and play each day.
During certain moments the site can become slow and the statistics are as you know very slow to load.

Well after forecasting traffic patterns, I've determined I need to get a new server to sustain the traffic and provide a faster experience :)

So over the next week I will be working behind the scenes to get the new server up and running.
You won't notice anything until I'm just about ready to switch over to the new server. This will require having Statistics and Login be offline (the game will still work fine though) for a few hours one of these days coming up.

When I get closer to knowing when that is I'll let you know. I'll also make sure the site shows a message (bottom center of the board) when the move is taking place.

Thank you all for making World of Solitaire a success and I hope you all continue to have fun playing :)