World of Solitaire has reached another milestone! Over 2 million hands have been dealt!

The 2 millionth hand was a game of 'Klondike Turn 3' dealt to Anonymous User #196,888 at 2:19 AM this morning, October 17th 2007.

Over 86 million moves have been made and traffic has been increasing ever since launch!
I am really pleased that so many people are having fun playing on the site, it makes it all worth it.

Today is also the 2 month anniversary since World of Solitaire first went live!

I want to thank everyone who plays for playing as without you I wouldn't have the motivation I had to make the site into what it is today.

You may have noticed it's been almost a full month since my last update. I've been taking a little break from development and just been enjoying 'real life' for a bit. I still welcome all feature ideas or new game suggestions as I write them down in a to-do list.

I hope everyone continues to have fun playing! :)