Wow. It's already been over a month since my last update to this blog. Seems like just yesterday :)

Since the last blog update, World of Solitaire has been doing great.
I've added three new games, Clock, Sultan and just today, Flower Garden.

More amazingly is that the game continues to grow in popularity.
Since the last update the number of hands dealt on the site has DOUBLED from 3 million to over 6 million today.

The 6 millionth hand was a game of Golf dealt to user Skeletor54 on December 13th 2007 at 5:19PM.

I'm really happy that so many people are enjoying the site, it's turned out so well. It's far surpassed any expectations I had when I first started developing it several months ago.

I want to thank all the players that play, without your feedback (both in e-mails and blog comments), bug reports and comments the site wouldn't be where it is today. So THANK YOU.

Until next update... enjoy playing!

*** UPDATE: I fixed a bug that caused games like Pyramid not to work. I accidentally introduced the bug last night with the new game. Sorry about that :)