On Tuesday January 22nd at 1:54PM, Anonymous User #488,131 dealt World of Solitaire's 10 MILLIONTH hand of Solitaire!

I want to thank everyone for playing! I really hope that you are all enjoying the games!

As a celebration, I have made some improvements!

1) Two new games!
Tri Peaks and Tri Peaks Strict. These were requested by a player and I'm pleased to add them to the site. Keep those game requests coming, you can e-mail them to me at robert@cosmicrealms.com

2) The Undo Move feature have been enhanced!
A common annoyance was after the computer auto played a card, when you chose 'Undo Move' it undid the move the computer made, but then the computer went and made the same exact move again. This made it impossible to undo further back in time unless you clicked Undo Move several times in rapid succession or you turned Auto Play off.

Now whenever you Undo a move, it will always Undo the last move that YOU made.
That means if the computer just finished automatically making 3 moves, when you Undo those three moves and the move that you made before that will be undone. This should make the Undo Move feature much more useful.

3) The Auto Play feature has been enhanced!
Auto Play used to automatically make moves at the start of the game, which resulted in the Timer to start before you even got a chance to look at the board.
Now Auto Play will not make any moves until you've made the first move. This should give you the ability to look over the board first and plan any strategy.

4) Sultan now uses the Auto Play feature!

5) Golf and Golf Relaxed no longer require you to clear the Stock in order to win.
Just clearing the Tableau spots is now enough to win (since clearing the Stock is trivial).

In addition to the five items mentioned above, I've also cleaned up some of the statistic graphs in order to be read more easily.

I also fixed a bug a few days ago that caused Spider to sometimes be un-winnable due to having some 'extra cards' left at the end. This bug caused many headaches for many players and it was a difficult one to solve. I'm fairly confident it's squashed now :)

Each and every day brings more and more players to World of Solitaire.

I hope you all continue to enjoy playing!