As World of Solitaire has continued to grow over these past few months, stress on the server has also been increasing.
Some of you may have noticed small glitches where the delay to login may be very long, or the site in general will take some time to first load.
Also statistics have been slower to generate. Global Statistics were once calculated live, then they were calculated every 3 hours and just recently it has been changed to once a day updates.

It should come as good news to everyone that a new, faster server is on the way.
I hope that within a few days I'll have World of Solitaire moved over to the new server which should solve most of the issues I described above.

In addition if you've seen the Leaderboard, there are some scores that seem... well... not quite possible.
Thanks to user e-mails and further investigation it does appear that some scores are simply impossible to be legit, such as solving Klondike in under 52 moves.
Along with the new server will also come a clean-up in any erroneous statistics.

This means the leader board will change and you may find yourself ranked higher than before.

Thank you all for playing World of Solitaire. I really hope that you are having a good time playing.
If anyone has any comments, suggestions or new solitaire game requests, please feel free to either comment on this post or e-mail me at:

Thanks again :)