I wanted to let everyone know that since my last post just a few days ago, I've added 6 new games to the site.
They include:

Cruel (Traditional Redeal)
Double Klondike (Turn One)
Double Klondike (Turn Three)
Triple Klondike (Turn One)
Triple Klondike (Turn Three)

The new Klondike's are basically just 2 and 3 deck variants of the regular Klondike.
The 'Traditional Redeal' version of Cruel redeals cards the same way the original Windows 3.1 game redealt cards. It's a lot easier to play than the regular 'Cruel' version which is a more modern redeal approach similar to the way several more recent Solitaire games implement it.

I've also shortened the updates for Global Statistics and Leaderboards to every 5 minutes instead of every 10.
Several minor bugs have also been fixed such as the leaderboards not showing all of the top 10 and the timeline graphs looking inaccurate.

We are getting close to having our 20 millionth hand dealt!
Also each day we get closer to having our 1 BILLIONTH move made!

I want to thank everyone that I received e-mails from. Whether it be bug reports, suggestions or just 'job well done' e-mails, I really love getting them. It helps to keep me going :)

I hope everyone continues to have fun playing :)