World of Solitaire uses Google ads for it's advertising and what ads are displayed on the site are entirely controlled by Google. The ad displayed can be different per user, depending on what Google feels would be best for that visitor.

A World of Solitaire player e-mailed me to inform me that they were seeing an ad of a sexual/suggestive nature and were upset by this.

I completely understand that families play World of Solitaire and the site shouldn't be showing suggestive ads of this nature.

After doing some investigation it looks like the ad is for a game called 'Evony'.
The ads feature girls showing significant bosom.

It appears that a large number of people on the internet have the same problem I do. Google showing these inappropriate ads on their sites as well.

It turns out there is a way I can instruct Google to block specific ads.

I have researched these 'Evony' ones and have updated my Google ad settings so that these ads will be blocked and will no longer show up on the site.
I just applied these changes and Google says it may take a few hours to take affect.

Since what ads Google shows is different per visitor, other inappropriate ads might show up that I never see myself.
Also since I have to specifically block ads, new ones might come into the rotation and I'll need to update my block settings to include them.
So if anyone sees any inappropriate ads being displayed on World of Solitaire, please e-mail me the name of the ad you saw to:

I will then do my best to make sure they are blocked from appearing.

I apologize if anyone has been offended by the ads. I never imagined that Google would display such things. I hope that the block I applied squashes all the inappropriate ones that were being displayed.

I hope you all continue to enjoy playing :)