I have added an exciting new feature to World of Solitaire: Challenges!

Challenges are pre-shuffled, numbered deals that are guaranteed to be winnable.

Each challenge is rated for difficulty: Easy, Medium or Hard.

Each time you play a specific challenge number, the same cards will be dealt in the same order. So you can keep trying a specific challenge until you find a way to solve it.

Test your skills and see how many you can solve!

Challenges can be found in the top left 'Solitaire' menu, click on 'Challenges...'.

If you are a registered player and you win a challenge with the fewest moves or shortest time, then your name will appear on that challenge entry for all to see.

Challenges are only available for a few different game types right now. If people like them, I can add more game types in the future. Also,  I can add more challenges for each game if people solve the current ones are are looking for more.

I hope you all continue to have a lot of fun playing :)