Undo Move & Deal New

People seem to like having a "Deal New" button easily reachable on the main screen.

However I got feedback that the "Undo Move" and "Deal New" buttons looked too similar and it was too easy to accidentally click Deal New.

I have made some improvements to the buttons! Here is how they look now:

On a narrow display:

On a wide display:

Summary of changes:
  • Each button has a different icon
  • Undo Move is now on the right. This feels more natural for most players
  • They are now slightly larger
  • They now look the same on all computers
  • On a wider display, when there is room, the buttons move further away
  • All buttons on the site now have this new style
Lastly, when you click on "Deal New" it will ask if you are sure:

This should prevent any accidental new deals.

Don't like having to confirm? Just select "Don't show this again" and it won't ask you again :)

Next Card

Some games have complicated rules regarding which cards must be placed next on a spot.

New players would often struggle to remember which card they needed next.

In the update I added a note to help with this:

However, some players found these notes distracting and wanted to hide them.

Now you can!

Simply go to Menu->Options and uncheck "Show Next Card":

Other Improvements

I've also made several other fixes and improvements:
  • The Tango deck no longer looks messed up
  • Cards are now larger in Royal Parade
  • Sultan now correctly places the Ace of Hearts on the foundation
  • A few more things :)
I want to THANK YOU all very much for the feedback!

It's been very helpful!!

Keep the feedback coming and I'll keep making it more awesome :)

— Robert