The update is now LIVE!

★ ★ ★ New Stuff

  • HD Cards
    Cards are now in glorious HD! They look especially great on high DPI "retina" displays.
  • Long Stacks
    When a stack becomes too tall to fit on the screen, the cards now automatically squeeze themselves together to fit on the screen!
  • Larger Cards
    Multiple games now feature larger sized cards! This is thanks to the long stack support. No longer do you need to choose between "Largest Size" or "Best Looking" as cards are now both of those things, all the time!
  • Pause
    You can now Pause the game at any time!
  • Game Save/Restore
    Games are now automatically saved at all times. If your computer crashes or loses power or you acidentally close the browser, you can simply "Restore" the game you were last playing, resuming right where you left off!
  • Redeal Counter
    Games with a limited number of redeals now show you how many redeals you have left.
  • Next Card Note
    Some games require a specific card on a specific spot. Those games now show you what card you need next for each spot!
  • Favorite Games
    Mark games as a Favorite now and then choose to only see your favorite games.
  • Victory Images
    You can now exclude victory images you don't want to see. You also have a greater chance now of seeing the Uber Rare and Mythical images! I've also added 1 new victory image.
  • Game Chooser
    Search for a game now by typing it's name, which also searches other names a game may be known as. A new "Grid" mode is now also available in the Game Chooser! You can also now sort games by various things.
  • Background Colors
    You can now choose a solid background color from 24 different colors.
  • Luck, and Complexity
    Games are now rated by Luck and Complexity in addition to Duration and Odds. These are now shown as helpful 'signal bars' and color coded to quickly see if it's good or bad.
  • Larger Leaderboards
    Leaderboards now show 50 people each instead of just 15 or 25.
  • Score
    Games now have more accurate scoring and there is an "Average Score" statistic now.
  • Reset Stats
    You can now reset your statistics on a per game basis.
  • Auto Play
    Auto Play is a bit smarter now. If it makes a move for you, and then you drag that card back to where it was, it will no longer auto play it right back again. Far less annoying :)
  • Consistent Bases
    Games now have more consistent bases. If a card can be dropped somewhere, it will have a base with an outine, otherwise that spot will be empty.
  • HTTPS Support
    The website now supports encrypted HTTPS.

This update took me over 6 months to create.
World of Solitaire now has a new foundation that I can build upon for years to come!

Sadly, the update does remove some things:
  • The top menu bar is gone. It had many issues, such as Time/Score/Moves overlapping, automatically coming down during games, and was kinda ugly.
  • Timer/Score/Moves can no longer be hidden. This is because they are now easier to ignore at the bottom and don't mess up the menu bar anymore.
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 users can no longer use the website. These browsers are between 8 and 16 years old! They don't support the new technologies used in the update. Please switch to Chrome or Firefox or update Internet Explorer. If you can't do that, you can still play the old version, see below.
  • Auto flipping of cards can no longer be turned off. I had to remove this for technical reasons, but a benefit is that I am able to create new games more easily in the future. Far less than 1% of users turned it off.
  • Deals are no longer counted. It was confusing to new players and had little statistical relevance.
  • Challenge Games no longer contribute to the leaderboards. Challenge Games are now totally seperate from the general statistics.

With any big change, some folks won't like the changes and would prefer things remain the same.
Good news, the "old" version will always be playable here:
Note: Statistics, logins and challenges are not available in the "legacy" version.

I plan on testing the new update for a few days/weeks and then launch some time in January!

During this testing period, if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions or comments, please e-mail me:

Your feedback is enormously useful to me and will help ensure the January launch goes as well as possible!

Once again thank you all VERY MUCH and I hope you all continue to have fun playing!!

— Robert