New Blog

The blog now lives here, on the World of Solitaire server. The old blog was hosted by Google and was always kind of a pain to work with. The down side is that the old comments were not able to be migrated.

MASSIVE Update Coming

Big news! An ENORMOUS update is coming to World of Solitaire!
I have been working on it for over 6 months, spending multiple hours, every day, working on it.

The update brings tons of new features, bug fixes and improvements!

Many things in the update have been requested by players for YEARS. They are almost here :)

There will be a testing period where you can try out the new site before it goes live.

I will be announcing it here on this blog, some time in December or January.

Stay tuned!

Closing Thoughts

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you all!

I first created World of Solitaire over 10 years ago. All the kind e-mails many of you have sent me over the years really means a lot to me.

Even if you haven't e-mailed me, just know that it makes me super happy to know that you choose to spend time here.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed playing on World of Solitaire over the years, and I really hope that you all continue to enjoy the website for many years to come!

Thank you all!!!

— Robert