The Victory Image system has received a major overhaul!

In the old system, it was difficult to discover Rare and Mythical images. Your odds of seeing them were very low.

Here is the new system:

Victory Images are now grouped into levels, with 5 images per level. Once you discover all the images from Level 1, you unlock Level 2.

When you win, a random unlocked level is chosen and then a random image from that level.

You can increase the chance of discovering new images by winning games. Each time you win a game, you'll raise a bonus chance of seeing new images.

Thus the longer you play and win without seeing a new image, the easier it will become to discover a new image.

You can still prevent images from showing by simply clicking on them to X them out. I also fixed some bugs with that and now it should work much more reliably.

This new system should make it much easier to discover new images. In addition it should hopefully feel more rewarding as you 'level up'.

Lastly I plan on adding a lot more victory images in the future and this system makes it easier to do that.

I hope you all continue to enjoy playing :)

— Robert